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SF Coaching Method.

A functional, health first approach to fitness, nutrition, metabolism and lifestyle through one on one individualized coaching. 

Founder and Master Coach of the SF Coaching Method, Sarah Fechter and her team of qualified health professionals provide a functional, health first approach to fitness, nutrition, metabolism and lifestyle. Using periodization and seasons of nutrition, we optimize the clients mindset and lifestyle to assist them with their goals. 

All coaching contracts begin with a 6 month commitment as our goal is to get away from cookie cutter fast transformations and help the client create a sustainable healthy approach to improving thier overall quality of life. The SF Coaching Method is more than just fat loss and cutting calories. All clients receive ongoing support along with weekly check ins for the duration of the contract. 



1. Anyone facing a specific health challenge or seeking a lifestyle change.

2. Anyone wanting to take control of their life.

3. Anyone who is committed to change but needs someone to support and guide them.

4. Anyone .....

5. Anyone .....

6. Anyone .....


Health Coach

For the healthy client with no major health concerns or issues, labs are looking nice and the client desires support and guidance in areas such as improved body composition (fat loss), muscle gain, overall health and quality of life, nutrition, lifestyle, performance and/or aesthetic goals

Functional Coach

This is a deeper dive calling for a higher level of experience and knowledge as the client and coach unpacks additional layers of health and overall wellness including quality of life. The functional approach focuses on the root cause of the issues at hand and treats the client as a "whole person". Examples of this could be anyone looking to improve their immune system or autoimmune issues they may be dealing with as well as digestion, post birth control, both peri and menopause guidance, and more. Functional health coaching provides a look into lab work to be able to provide a functional approach to your nutrition and teaches you how to become a health advocate for yourself by assisting in research and "how" to chat with your doctor about your needs.

Nutrition or Macro Coaching Support calls

This service is currently offered to all of our 1:1 coaching clients through their head coach and SF Method Dietitian as a complimentary add on.

Mindset Lifestyle Coaching -  Date TBA



 Went to the OB doctor yesterday. She said I show 95% decrease in my PCOS symptoms and thinks getting my health in check was the reason. She is a lot different than my last doctor, supports being off birth control, and loves that I am supplement based. Without further testing she can’t say its “gone” but basically everything shows that. Best news regardless of what we choose for the future, health first, and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for being such a strong support system."

I absolutely believed you, and knew this would happen – but now that I took 2 rest days my RHRH is 56 and HRV 78. Your the best.”

I really believe that had I not started this program when I did, I would be heavier and I would be on meds for anxiety and depression. I never could control this as well as I do now and I’ve never had this much stress in my life at one time. I know I have opportunities each week to be more consistent within the program but I know that my growth in all of the non-scale wins certainly is more valuable than those numbers on the scale. Thank you!”

This is definitely sustainable and my husband even agrees. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed on something as dedicated as I’ve been for the length of time. It’s nice because its definitely not hard to follow once you’re settled in. I’ve even started to save so I can keep going after the 6 months. Excited for another week! ”

Thank you for having this program because old me would have been eating fast food every single day for the past 2 weeks. All thought, it is in my head, I can’t ever manage to turn into a drive-thru. It just isn’t worth me going backwards after such a major change in these past 3 months. That alone is a huge win for me.”

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