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SF Coaching Method 


How much is the investment?

Prices vary based on the depth of your health concerns/issues, as well as the goals you have in mind and the length of time and skills it may take to complete the desired goal. For example, if you are someone who is relatively healthy with no major health concerns with a desired goal of losing ten pounds, that scenario may take much less overall time, experience and knowledge versus someone dealing with autoimmune issues and /or a potential gut infection that may need an deeper dive into one on one coaching as well as extended length of time: both calling for a higher level of coaching. Each potential client is assessed individually.

What if I don't want my pictures posted on the internet?

All aspects are operated on a professional level. Included in our biofeedback intake forms is a photography and videography release waer. The client is the one who authorizes whether they are publicly posted or not. There are several clients with major success who are not posted due to their preference. 


What happens if I'm not a member at SFHQ or I train at another gym?

Not a problem. We work with everyone and will design your program to your gym and/or your location if you are not local. We've  program designed for almost every gym in Saginaw, Michigan where our headquaters is located and in several other states as well as countries. We have clients who prefer group fitness, commercial gyms, at home designs both locally and out of state. The program is not limited to SFHQ clients or local clients. More than half of our clientele live out of state. The entire program is online including all payments and paperwork.  


What happens if I apply?

If you choose to apply you'll be sent an email with application questions. Sarah Fechter will review the submitted answers and send out a call schedule for a complimentary discovery call to discuss what coaching style and which coach would be the best fit to assist you in reaching your goals.

What styles of coaching does the SF Method offer? 

The SF Method offers a variety of coaching styles with our qualified team of professionals. A few examples would look :

Health Coaching = for the healthy client with no major health concerns or issues, labs are looking nice and the client desires support and guidance in areas such as improved body composition (fat loss), muscle gain, overall health and quality of life, nutrition, lifestyle, performance and/or aesthetic goals. 

Functional Health Coaching = this is a deeper dive calling for a higher level of experience and knowledge as the client and coach unpacks additional layers of health and overall wellness including quality of life. The functional approach focuses on the root cause of the issues at hand and treats the client as a "whole person". Examples of this could be anyone looking to improve their immune system or autoimmune issues they may be dealing with as well as digestion, post birth control, both peri and menopause guidance, and more. Functional health coaching provides a look into lab work to be able to provide a functional approach to your nutrition and teaches you how to become a health advocate for yourself by assisting in research and "how" to chat with your doctor about your needs. 

Nutrition or Macro Coaching Support calls = this service is currently offered to all of our 1:1 coaching clients through their head coach and SF Method Dietitian as a complimentary add on.

MIndset Lifestyle Coaching  = Date TBA

Who decides what coaching style I may need?

During your complimentary discovery call after submitting your application, Sarah Fechter will guide and determine what your best fit may be.

Why is there often a waitlist?

The SF Method team limits the amount of clients taken on to ensure each client receives a high quality experience with the amount of attention they need. We value the coach - client relationship and prioritize the relationship a priority. 


Why a six month contract?

We focus on a health first sustainable first. You and your coach will need time to build a relationship and trust, time to learn the way your body and metabolism responds and more. Can we take half of your calories away and give you unmentionable amounts of cardio, suggest a waist trainer and increase training volume for fast success? Of course we know how to do that and guess what? We would get results. We would receive temporary results on a metabolic credit card which you'll have to pay back with interest once the integrity of your health and mental health has been compromised and you're screwed metabolically, left only to gain your weight back plus some. The SF Coaching Method is a system that reaches and practices "beyond body" and "further than fat loss."

What happens after my six month contract commitment?

No matter which coaching style you are practicing with your coach, after the six month commitment contract you automatically enter a month to month thirty day termination contract. Meaning, you may submit your thirty day notice at any point. At that time you would be guided by your coach for thirty more days and make one last payment, then exit the program. The SF Methods clients on average stay approx 1.5 years and we share this statistic with you so you feel confident that our clients are finding their coaching experience valuable.

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