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Introducing the SFHQ Saturday Pass!

We're excited to announce our new Saturday Pass option! This pass allows you to access our state-of-the art training facility and join our energetic community every Saturday. You'll have the freedom to work out and indulge in our session(s) on Saturdays, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a convenient and enjoyable fitness experience.

How to Get the SFHQ Saturday Pass:

  1. Fill out the form to the right with your first name, last name, and email address.

  2. Choose your Saturday session(s) from the options available, giving you the flexibility to choose one or more sessions that suit your preferences.

  3. Once you've selected your session(s), click the "Go to Checkout" button on the form to proceed with your payment.

Sarah Fechter Fitness HQ is devoted to providing a safe and friendly environment for people of all fitness levels to achieve their health and fitness goals. We are passionate about inspiring our clients to take control of their lives and become the best version of themselves. 

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