A Yo-Yo v. Consistent Lifestyle with Exercise; How Social Engagement Makes a Difference (April 2019)

A yo-yo lifestyle. What is it and why should you avoid it?

You've likely heard of yo-yo dieting; the endless cycle of dieting to lose weight, falling off the wagon or quitting, & gaining that weight back and then some.

Yo-Yo exercise follows the same concept. There's something that motivates an individual to go on a workout frenzy and after trying to do so much that they become exhausted/unmotivated or once the important event has passed, they stop movement all together. Yo-Yo dieting and yo-yo exercise often go hand in hand.

Majority of the time, the diets and/or exercise regimen an individual starts while in this mentality is not sustainable.

What happens to an individual that lives a constant yo-yo lifestyle? As mentioned above, with yo-yo dieting, not only do they gain their weight back and a few additional lbs each time, but the body begins to store more as fat.

Think about it... if on average, an individual is in-taking 1,400 calories / day and decides to drop that to 900 in the blink of an eye, the body will eventually go into survival mode. Now this also depends on how long the individual can maintain the diet.

For those that do this for years on end, this means storing fat to protect vital organs, shutting down systems that aren't needed as much as others, and bodily dysfunction due to lack of nutrients and caloric intake.

The body takes approximately 2-3 weeks to begin adapting to a cardiovascular exercise program. Every time you stop, it's lost just as quickly; yo-yo exercise means losing what was accomplished and rebuilding that adaptation each time.

Training and nutrition doesn't have to be do or die. The better option is consistency in both categories.

Social engagement plays a huge role in success with exercise consistency.

They say...surround yourself with the five people you want to be most like. Let's take that concept and apply it to your health. If you're looking to make positive lifestyle changes in regards to your health and fitness, finding a studio/gym that feels like home is going to automatically surround you with more people that are trying to make similar changes. Choosing to spend time with individuals who mock your diet / workout regimen is not going to be helpful in an already difficult process.

Having a place with friends that hold you accountable is going to keep you more consistent and out of the yo-yo pattern your mind and body are used to.

Not only will you be more motivated to keep moving this way, but it's a new hobby. A place to go for friendship and fun with the benefit of consistent exercise.

Along with consistency, allowing yourself enough time to see and feel the benefits of a better diet & exercise is crucial for self-morale and motivation. Part of breaking the yo-yo lifestyle pattern means no more "I have one week to fit in this dress" or "Summer is two weeks away, I'm going to cut out all of my carbs so I can feel better in my bathing suit."

It's starting a program, staying consistent, and picking up the intensity a couple notches 3 MONTHS out from your goal versus giving yourself a couple weeks to reach it.

When you flip the script a 180 for a two week, all out push by making unhealthy & extreme choices, your body undergoes a lot of unnecessary stress.

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