Four Ways to Stay Fit Through the Fourth (July 2019)

Let's be honest; most of our Fourth of July weekends turn into 3-5 days of friends, food, and drinks.

Sarah Fechter Fitness is here to help you make it through the long weekend without falling completely off track.

1. Grab your friend(s) & head to the track.

It's easier to keep moving on weekends like this when you have friends to hold you accountable.

You shouldn't feel pressured to maintain your diet spot on, but what you don't want to do is completely go off track with nutrition AND stop moving.

If more calories are being consumed, then some calories need to be lost, i.e. stay active.

Continuing to workout over the course of the weekend will help you feel better when Monday comes and it's time to get back to reality.

Click here SF outdoor/track workout that you can use to stay moving! Have fun!

2. Include healthier options in your holiday snacks.

Maintaining some nutrient dense options in your nutrition during the holiday will keep you feeling more satisfied and less groggy.

It is definitely possible to pick better options that are lower in calories but are still tasty and exciting.

Plus, whipping up something new with your kids or friends is a fun way to bond!

Add these to whatever you grill out and it will be the perfect combination.

Click here for a few recipes to try out over the holiday weekend! Enjoy

3. Whiteclaw & water.

First and foremost, hydrate before you starting drinking.

Whatever your drink preference may be, match every one you consume with a water.

If you are drinking, and on top of that drinking in the sun, dehydration can start to take a major toll.

Utilizing these tips will help keep you hydrated and an extra with the hangover.

4. Use the time off to refresh mentally.

Time off isn't a horrible thing, as long as you don't fall off the deep end, a couple days of rest can actually leave you renewed and ready to attack your program with increased intensity when you come back!

Spend time with your loved ones, keep moving, but don't worry about being perfect. Find the happy medium and give yourself a couple days of R&R without complete restriction.

We hope the workout & recipes help you add a little more balance to the weekend.

Tag us in your workout & treat pictures!

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