How to Keep MOVING Through the Holidays (November 2019)

The million dollar question... how do I stay consistent through the holiday season?

Instead of starting over, think about how much better you'd feel rolling into January after maintaining your current health status through the end of the year.

When it comes to health & fitness, most people think of it as an all or nothing concept when in reality, it doesn't always have to be.

Sarah Fechter Fitness has a few tips to help you stay in control & keep you in the habit of MOVEMENT.

1. Schedule your workouts ahead of time

Whether you work out at home, a gym, or studio, "book" your workouts in advance. Put them in your calendar and schedule time in your week for you. Even if it's for 30 minutes at a time, think of your workouts as appointments you've made and can't cancel. Even if you set aside 30min 3 times/week, you can easily find 90min from elsewhere to spare towards your health. According to Statista [2017] the average person spends 135 minutes/day (>2 hours) scrolling social media. Knocking that down to 105 minutes (still >1 hour), you've found yourself time for a 30min workout.

2. Find a workout buddy

Surround yourself with people who's actions align with your current goals. Find the friend that will challenge you on the days you'd rather meet at Applebees for $10 margaritas to at least go to the gym before thirsty Thursday. Try new workouts together. If you have families, find a way to include them. It doesn't always have to be an intense workout, just move enough to break a little sweat. Move enough to burn the extra calories you're taking in at all of the family and work parties.

3. Instead of thinking about fat loss, think about maintenance

By no means should you feel pressured to focus on a strict diet or fat loss mindset this time of year. What you can focus on is maintaining where you're currently at. Enjoy the parties. Have the glass of wine, try a little bit of everything... but maybe just be cautious as to stopping after one helping and eating slow enough that your brain can keep up to tell you when you're full. It's not about restriction or missing out on the memories, it's about staying in tune with your body and having enough to feel satisfied.

4. Make sure your caloric input makes sense with the output

Because we are consuming more calories than normal this time of year (input), matching that to the what your burning (output) is crucial in this entire process. When you eat more and move less, weight/fat gain happens. By eating more and moving less you're essentially doubling your caloric intake...if you skip workouts, you're not burning off the additional calories you're consuming. More calories + no movement = fat gain.

5. Keep Drinking Water

Do we still need to convince you that drinking water will make you feel better no matter what time of year it is? If you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Water promotes weight loss / reduces bloat, flushes toxins, circulates nutrients, and maintains regularity. Who doesn't want every single one of those benefits?! When it's cold outside go for room temperature water, hot water with lemon, or hot tea. Give this a try...Before a big holiday meal, drink 1-2 glasses of water. This will help you feel more satisfied prior to consuming a large dinner.

Eat, Drink, & MOVE

The moral of the story is...utilize the factors that you have control of; mindset, movement, consumption. YOU control your thoughts. YOU control whether or not you make time to move.YOU control your caloric intake.So, eat some good food, drink your water (and wine), participate in movement that you truly enjoy, and look forward to the holiday season instead of dreading it.