Mobility Matters (December 2019)

Do you know that you can be flexible but not mobile?

What is mobility and why is it important to you?

Mobility is the ability to perform a movement through full range of motion fluidly. Often times it is human nature to ignore pain through day-to-day living; over time this causes our bodies to move in different movement patterns that compensate for how the body should flow. When this occurs, mobility drills can help restore full range of motion through the joint capsule to increase performance, which produces improved results in our fitness regimens.

Mobility drills focus on tight muscles, soft tissue restriction, joint capusle restriciton, and joint range of motion dysfunction. When mobility is incorporated into your training regimen expect to improve in all areas of fitness.

How is this possible? When the body is able to work more efficiently (pain free and using proper muscles for movements) we become stronger in our lifts and protect ourselves from injury.

We live in a society where we often keep going and ignore signs and symptoms until injury occurs. All of this mobility goes hand and hand with the concept of pre-hab: preventative maintenance/rehab drills to prevent injury.

Focusing on these specific drills such as foam rolling, lacrosse ball smashing, stabilizer muscle group strengthening and banded joint distractions allows for maintenance that the body needs to prevent injury.

This thought process of this concept is “greasing the joints” to prevent any “sticky” points or things in the body from not moving properly.

Practicing mobility allows for pain free range of motion and body awareness along with quality movement patterns for functional daily living.

Taking 5 minutes/day to take care of your body, whether it be banded distraction work, soft-tissue smashing, or strengthening your stabilizing muscle groups will not only help movement patterns, but make one feel better in their everyday life.