To keep everyone healthy and safe.

Sarah Fechter Fitness is excited to open & will do so safely. Please thoroughly review the initiatives below and continue to update yourself as we add services. We will soon open our gym and the safety operations will be updated accordingly.

  • Keep in mind the facility has the right to refuse service to anyone that has Coivd-19 symptoms or fails to follow facility guidelines

  • Practice social distancing  

  • All SF Game participants are required to bring their own dumbbells & gloves will be mandatory (lifting, gardening, baseball, etc. Any kind will work.) 

  • All SF Game participants will have a temperature check beginning at 5:15am & 6:15pm, please arrive accordingly

  • All SF staff will have a self wellness check upon camp arrival

  • Clients and employees - if you are sick or have any Covid-19 symptoms stay home, if anyone in your household is sick stay home 

  • If you get the urge to sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue

  • Ample amount of time between all pop-up outdoor fitness classes & camp sessions to minimize loitering & allow staff additional time to clean & disinfect

  • Commercial grade cleaning solutions 

  • No loitering

  • Online purchases - 95% of all services are provided through the website with online payments

  • For any indoor storefront shifts - employees will have a self wellness check upon entering the building 

  • Gym/Studio currently closed, indoor fitness TBA


This file is for you to download and fill out, informing you about the risk and liabilities due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Covid-19 release waiver is mandatory for participating in any and all Sarah Fechter Fitness Service.

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