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 A direct private mentorship with our founder Sarah Fechter. Mentorships can be individual or small groups up to 3. People who choose to do Private Mentorships have a specific learning objective in relation to the health industry or entrepreneurship . The Mentorship is held at Sarah Fechter Fitness, and is individualized education on the subject matter(s) of their choosing. All mentorships run 8-5pm including a 90 minute mid day break.

The Purpose of a Mentorship

"I have 21 years experience in the fitness industry as a trainer, gym owner, and coach. After  years of experience, travel, many mistakes, & learning from the top leaders in the world, I wanted to create a similar experience for our own community here in Michigan, an opportunity which I had to travel across the country for.  I've learned that earning a college degree in Exercise Science is valuable. It provides the keys to START learning. I've also learned that perfecting your craft is earned with hands on experience. You need hours upon hours, the more experience, the better trainer/coach you will become. You must live it, be it & grow through different experiences which help you understand what your clients may be going through. 

I believe we need to seek to understand. Understand effective programming, how nutrition goes hand in hand with it, and understand periodization and physiology. 

The majority of my education and success has come from travel and having the privilege to work with top notch mentors. As I enter the next phase of my career, my goal is to provide a similar educational experience for the aspiring coaches and trainers in the Great Lakes Bay Region. I feel continuing education and more importantly, learning how to apply the knowledge to your own business venture, is where trainers will separate themselves from the pack and thrive both professionally and personally." 

- Sarah Fechter 

Limited availability every year, please reach out to Sarah directly to book your private mentorship. 

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