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SFHQ Memberships


As of October 1, 2022 SFHQ has become a member only, private training gym with the best coaching  Mid-Michigan has to offer. We’re upgrading our memberships and eliminating drop-ins so we can once again focus on a community experience where we bring back education seminars, events, perks and more  for our committed members while focusing on the best value possible.  

Anyone who commits to our SFHQ Legacy Membership will have access to a lower cost with higher  value. Sessions which were $16 each are now only $11.61 each with our new membership offer (our  lowest session rate since 2017) SF Legacy members will have the ability to access the $189 membership  as a thank you for your commitment and loyalty.  SF clients are required to have an active membership to access the referrals benefits. 

Each member will choose and sign up for 4 session per week. 

For the first time ever SFHQ is also offering special family membership pricing for spouses or children.

Membership Options 

  • Single/Individual SFHQ Legacy Membership: For the committed SF Goer

$189/billed every 4 weeks = 4 sessions per week (Just over $11 per class - Our lowest ticket price since 2017) - see additional member perks below.

  • Single/Individual SFHQ Legacy Premium: For the die-hard SF Goer

$220/billed every 4 weeks = 5 sessions per week.  The best value at $11/session. See additional member perks below.

  • Family Membership  -  Spouse or Child living in the same household, same address - Each individual will carry their own membership.  Two individual memberships = $378 BUT with our family rate, the total for the twosome = $340 so you're saving $38 each off the membership cost in addition to us raising the value at $60 more a month each by increasing the weekly sessions. That’s just under $200 savings a month from a single household! (say whatttt, yes, it's true!)  - $170 each /billed every 4 weeks =  4 sessions per week (Just over $11 per class! Our lowest ticket price since  2017)  - see additional member perks below. 

       Family memberships purchased online will be asked to show a piece of mail with her name in the same household address

What perks does my new membership provide?

We thought you'd never ask :) 

✔ 3 sessions + 1 additional session per week (Just over $11 per class! Our lowest ticket price since 2017) 

✔ Earn free months on your membership with our New SF Referral Program 

✔ New Freeze Policy (see membership agreement for details, freezing your membership is an option for all members!)

✔ Members only pricing for special events, education seminars and workshops

✔ Discounted membership pricing for spouses or children in the same household

✔ Early bird registration for SF Games and progressive courses 

✔ 20% off NutriDyn Supplements,  practitioner level grade (unavailable online) 

✔ $189 billed every 4 weeks to your SF account (say goodbye to waiting at the front desk before or after a session or having to stop by on a day-off from the gym with your kids in the car). 

SFHQ Legacy Memberships

Single/Individual Membership

$189/billed every 4 weeks = 

4 sessions per week 

Single/Individual Premium Membership

For the committed SF Goer

$220/billed every 4 weeks =  

5 sessions per week 

$170 each/billed every 4 weeks = 

4 sessions per week 

You can always refer to our Terms of Conditions and FAQs for more information on our SFHQ Membership by clicking the button below.

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