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On-Demand Classes

How do I rent a On-Demand Class?

To watch a On-Demand Class you first must have an account through, If you don't have one don't worry, it takes less than 2 minutes to sign up. You can find those instructions on our support page here. Once you have an account be sure you are signed in and click on Store > Scroll down past apparel > Purchase On-Demand Classes, or click here. From here you are able to select either an Express class or Premium class. Once you have selected your desired class you are able to rent the class which you have access to for 24 hours. 


Should I watch the On-Demand Classes on my computer or mobile device? 

We recommend that you access our On-Demand Library on your computer. The reason behind this is because you are able to have full access to the website experience. It is much user friendly on a computer and you are also able to watch your classes on a much larger screen. You also might be able to connect your computer to your tv via HDMI to get the ultimate online experience, depending if your computer is capable of doing that. You can purchase a HDMI cable here.


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