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Want to train with a group of people with the same goal as you? Well this is just for you! With Semi-Private Coaching you and your group will be led by your coach through an app. In the app you'll have set workouts designed specifically for you to meet your goals.  

How the program works.

When you sign up for the 6-12 week program you will be placed in a group based on your goals such as fat loss, bulking up, or simply maintaining your body physique. You also have the option to add a meal plan to your program. This group will be your team and will work together to reach your goal.

When you are in the app you will have a set calendar created by your coach for your scheduled workout of the day.  While using the app you can be evaluated on your readiness of your workouts, and see how you can get closer to meet your desired goal.   

When you doing your session you are able to train which ever way suites you best. This may be  through video, reading sets or both. If you ever have any questions about your workout you are able to message your coach with any questions.

Once you finish your daily workout you can share your success on social media through the app, and see how you other team members are doing and cheer each other on. Once you finish your session you can carry on with your day  knowing you killed that workout, and get ready for the next day

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