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Outdoor Fitness Camp 

​Sarah Fechter Fitness Camps have led the charge for thousands of people to achieve their health and  fitness goals for 18 years. The SF Games are geared towards all fitness levels, males and females,  ages 13+. The workouts are designed using a variety of training methods for performance, optimal fat loss, and overall wellness. You will experience the support and leadership that have fueled thousands of transformations in the Great Lakes Bay Region since 2005. Like everything we do at Sarah Fechter Fitness, The SF Games provide a sense of community to foster the best environment for success. Our team of qualified health professionals will provide you with habits that will last a lifetime.


Just finished spring boot camp and couldn’t be more impressed with Sarah, her staff and everyone that I was in camp with. It’s a great environment at any fitness level. Everyone is beyond supportive and helps motivate you. The workouts are fun yet really challenging, most reminded me of Army basic training. Over the last 6 weeks of spring camp I managed to lose 32lbs! I can’t wait for summer and fall camp. Thanks for changing my life!

This year for SF Games, I made sure to hold myself accountable for my workouts. I wish I would have taken measurements, but I do know that I am down 24 pounds! I applied myself more and this camp alone I lost more weight then I have in the previous camps I attended. I can definitely see and feel the difference. Sarah and her entire staff are amazing! As well as the fitfam I have met this camp season and previous camps. They are always in support and making sure you keep going regardless if you think you can't. They all assure you, that you CAN! With the progress I've made, it's made me even more ready for Summer SF Games!

Larry Durek

Angela Banda

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